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Can't send email on my iMac suddenly

  Jules 11:39 19 Jun 2019

I've had an email nightmare ever since I changed hosting companies (from 123 to Prohost Gold). I can receive emails on my iMac but I can't send any emails. I can receive and send on my iPhone. Initially I couldn't access my website ( although everybody else could. Finally when I explained I couldn't access ANY site hosted by Prohost Gold I was asked to confirm my IP address and then magically I was able to get onto my site. They still haven't solved the email problem. I go through an intermediary (the guy who designed my site in the first place) and so haven't directly spoken to Prohost Gold. Does anyone have any ideas about what can be at the root of the problem - or how I can solve it.

  Jollyjohn 15:23 19 Jun 2019

Double check your SMTP Server settings on your Mac. SMTP handles outgoing mail. Incoming is obviously correct and the correct settings are on your phone. I suspect a typo in either the address or password as you typed it in. If they appear correct and it still won't work, remove the account and start again, on the Mac.

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