Can't delete iPhone photos completely?

  Baserpper 11:10 16 May 2018

Anyone who has ever used an iPhone knows that there is a feature on the iPhone that has a "recently deleted" folder in your album, which is dedicated to recovering deleted photos.But if I don't want to recover these photos, how can I delete them altogether? I don't want anyone else to get them.

  mrcalif 16:22 16 May 2018

Had no problem deleting mine.

  wee eddie 19:39 16 May 2018

Don't they time out

  bremner 22:01 16 May 2018

Select > Delete All

  Baserpper 02:05 17 May 2018

I was talking to my sister yesterday , can you guarantee that they will be completely deleted?

  bremner 09:47 17 May 2018

Law enforcement / specialist data recovery companies have the capability to potentially recover deleted files from phones using commercially available software. With any data storage device the data is only truly deleted when it is successfully overwritten

  Baserpper 02:44 18 May 2018

It will take a long time to cover them successfully,And before that everyone has a chance to recover, I think it's very irrational.

  bremner 19:07 18 May 2018

If you are paranoid that someone is going to steal your phone, break the virtually unbreakable encryption just to recover your deleted pictures then either upload music or videos or whatever from iTunes that completely fills the phone then delete it.

  Baserpper 05:30 19 May 2018

Can it be done without any recovery?

  Oakkerasy 02:49 21 May 2018

Without any recovery? Manual deletion is not enough,read this: click here

  Guest 1234512757 09:01 02 Aug 2018

if you have backup of all your contacts and data then just reset you phone

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