Cannot download photos from PC to iPad2

  Dalmation 15:32 09 Jul 2012

I cannot seem to download photos from my PC to iPad2. I have got one album on my iPad but it will not let me download any other albums. Any help would be appreciated

  john bunyan 15:36 09 Jul 2012

I an more familiar with iPods. One method would be to install and use iTunes , which has music, photos, films, podcasts, photo options.

  Graphicool1 15:44 09 Jul 2012


Try this...Click Here

  Woolwell 16:59 09 Jul 2012

How did you get the first album on?

  Dalmation 16:32 10 Jul 2012


I downloaded the first album quite successfully by sync but when I try to download another album the photos appear on the first named album. I cannot seem to change the album name when trying to download a further album. Perhaps you can help me out here. My grandson set it all up for me and I remember him saying "do you want your photos on it" and I replied "no". Perhaps this is the problem but I have no idea how to reverse the situation. Unfortunately, he does not live in this country so it is difficult.

  Woolwell 18:36 10 Jul 2012

"I downloaded the first album quite successfully by sync". Did you use iTunes?

Perhaps this will help how to sync photos

  Ynyshir25 15:58 16 Jul 2012

Sorry for delay but for some reason I could not access this site. I followed the instructions you gave but my photos are still being overwritten. I have two folders in "My Pictures", one named Venice, the other Emirates. When I download Venice via iTunes all appears well, but when I then download Emirates it deletes Venice. Please help, its driving me mad!!

  Ynyshir25 11:27 17 Jul 2012

You may wonder why I am now called Ynyshir - as I said I had such difficulty accessing the site that I started from scratch and registered another name and hey presto it worked. I am really Dalmation so I thought I had better let you know as you may be wondering about the new name. Dalmation (now Ynyshir)

  Woolwell 11:44 17 Jul 2012

In iTunes, with the iPad connected, under devices select your ipad, then on the photos tab make sure that both Venice and Emirates folders are selected then click on sync. You do not download one at a time, uncheck and download the other. Unchecking deletes photos from the iPad.

  Ynyshir25 11:55 17 Jul 2012

Great. Thanks a lot. Easy when you know how!!

  Woolwell 12:05 17 Jul 2012

Glad that you are fixed. You also know how to delete! Uncheck the ones that you no longer want.

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