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Cannot delete some Contacts in iCloud.

  Pine Man 14:11 06 Jan 2020

I have only one device, an iPhone, synchronised with iCloud.

On the iPhone there are 34 Contacts and in iCloud there are 40 Contacts. The 6 extra contacts cannot be edited or deleted but the remaining 34 are synchronised perfectly with the iPhone.

Any ideas how to get rid of the 6 extra Contacts?

  jaritch 11:08 10 Jan 2020

You could try logging into on a computer and try deleting from there.

  Pine Man 12:03 10 Jan 2020

Thanks for trying.

The extra 6 contacts are ONLY showing on iCloud and it is there that they cannot be edited or deleted.

I have taken it up with Apple and they have now given up as they can't resolve it!!

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