Cannot change Apple ID for this iPad

  User-E5E8E3AE-BB8F-47A2-89458CC176149719 06:39 21 Oct 2015

My wife uses 2 (and only 2) email-addresses. She needs to use her Apple ID on this iPad, but cannot remember it. W hen she tries to create a new ID, Apple says that her email-address (whichever one she has chosen) is already part of an Apple ID. When she tries to reset the password for either address, Apple says that it has no record of that address. How can she resolve this .

  Macworld 09:27 21 Oct 2015

So what you are saying is that when she tried to set up a new Apple ID Apple said the email address was already in use, but when she used that address to reset the password, it said the email address wasn't recognised?

Have you tried following these guidelines on Apple's website: click here

Yes that is precisely what happens. I shall try the link, and meanwhile thank you.

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