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Can someone help with Apple ID ?

  BossSiggyTTV 20:25 01 Aug 2019

Hello =)

i have bought a iPhone 7 Plus and only to find out that i cant use it, because it asks for the previous owners Apple ID and he doesnt pick up he's phone or answer on my text messages when i ask for the Apple ID and password, so my question is if anyone knows how to remove the Apple ID so i can use the phone that i just bought ?

Best regards Boss =)

  john bunyan 20:51 01 Aug 2019

Lots of answers on Google. Won’t link as can’t vouch for them

  BossSiggyTTV 21:01 01 Aug 2019

I havent been able to find anything that worked on google, so some suggestions would be nice and it will be at my own risk ofcourse =)

  wee eddie 21:43 01 Aug 2019

I'd take it back to the guys you bought it from.

What you have come up against is Apples Security, Anti Theft, Stuff.

  bremner 09:13 02 Aug 2019

If you remember the FBI wanted to access an iPhone in a criminal investigation. Apple declined to assist and it was later reported that a private company had done so but destroyed the iPhone in the process.

  BossSiggyTTV 13:08 02 Aug 2019

For real Bremner ? Thats insane ..

  Bill Chan 10:41 05 Sep 2019

Since the previous owner sold the iPhone to you, I assume that he don't want the data inside anymore. So you can use TunesKit iOS System Recovery to do a so-called advance restore, which it's a factory reset.This restore doesn't need password or authorization at all. You can also check How to Factory Reset iPhone 6to get more info. Hope it helps.

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