can macs share wireless connection with pc

  jesta 01:54 16 Jan 2005

i am wondering can a mac share a wireless internet connection with pc on say a netgear wireless all in one router?because i am considering gettin those cheap mini macs.thanks

  BeForU 02:23 16 Jan 2005

I shall answer with a quick 'Yes'!! I have some friends and relatives who have PC's networked to ADSL router's with wireless capabilities and also have iMacs/iBooks which work perfectly fine too.

  charlieShaw 02:35 16 Jan 2005

My set-up is a BT Voyager 2100 with the PCI card for the desktop kids game machine (currently dead after PSU & disk blow-out), a PCI card for visiting laptops and my official work PC with the built-in Centrino chip-set.

Apart from the range it all seems OK.

My son rebelled and bought a MAC iBook before going to college; wants to access the BoredBand when at home.
So far, we can only find the "Apple Airport" product to add wireless capability to his m/c; too expensive on a student budget.

So he uses the Ether port on the router and the iMAC; works fine.

Anyone know of a cheap 802.11 "dongle" & drivers for iMAC OSX10, appreciated...

  Kate B 13:25 16 Jan 2005

My iBook shares the bb connection happily with my PC: before I went wireless I just plugged it into the connected PC using a crossover cable and - as is so often the case with Macs - it just worked. (at the risk of stating the obvious, you need to have the main pc on to do this)

Then I went wireless and using an Airport Extreme card in the Mac, again, it just worked - bliss! The card picked up the signal and I was away.

yeah, the Apple kit is a bit pricier than that of other manufacturers but personally I think it's worth paying a couple of extra quid for it to be so blissfully easy.

You might try looking on eBay for a second-hand Airport Extreme card (make sure it's Extreme, not the older Express standard); and remember that as a student your son gets a pretty healthy discount from Apple anyway. Give Apple a ring direct or have a look here.

click here

  roy 14:00 16 Jan 2005

BeForU or anyone who knows; does that mean that the Mac and the pc can see each other's files as in a usual network?

  charlieShaw 15:49 16 Jan 2005

HI Roy;
answer to your Q re ability to see each other's files when both PC and MAC are connected to the same private (wireless) network is "2 part it depends" whether

0. OS on each machine is running necessary services/permissions to allow file exchange/sharing...

1. MAC can run a version of uSoft's File & Print Sharing protocol that would enable you to use the browser interface on the PC to look into the MAC; and whether the PC could run "something else" that allowed the MAC user to see into the PC.

I am not an expert in either of these, but am pretty sure that such SW is rare; but a "lower common denominator" woul allow files to be exchanged between the 2 machines when the right commands are typed at each keyboard using standard utilities; for sure using e.g. FTP for batch file xfer; maybe using Telnet (probably needs the target m/c to be set up to allow a "remote" login...).

Re security etc; my network has the work laptop (Win2k & Novell Netware, set up for only the work network via VPN), the (currently dead) kids Win2k PC with many services disabled (anti-virus measure), the MAC and my Dad's laptop over Xmas (XP Pro): no machine was aware of (or could see) any other machine except by using (path)ping utilities; did not attempt to enable file sharing...

  LeadingMNMs 16:34 16 Jan 2005

As long as its running OSX then it will work, older versions of Mac OS won't work.

  roy 16:40 16 Jan 2005

charlieShaw and LeadingMNMs

Thanks for that information.

  LeadingMNMs 16:45 16 Jan 2005

Sharing of files is fairly straight foward if I remember - well it certainly work at some point. You usually have to enter a Username and Password to connect between the computers, which is not normally required on a Windows only network. I think this is mainly because a MAC doesn't have a Shared Folder, like Windows. When I set it up, I shared the whole MAC hard drive, which probably isn't a good idea normally.

  Kate B 17:12 16 Jan 2005

Filesharing between the two OSs over a wireless network is a doddle - you just need to enable it on both machines.

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