can i lock iPhone using time machine ?

  Thebez 05:48 26 Dec 2016


Dose anyone know if its possible to reactivate find my phone using time machine..... thanks

  mgmcc 16:53 26 Dec 2016

Not sure where "Time Machine" comes into it. That is a backup of your Mac.

"Find My iPhone" is enabled in the phone's iCloud settings and if you then go to the iCloud web page at *click here and sign in with your Apple ID, you can select the Find iPhone option.

  mgmcc 16:58 26 Dec 2016

Grrrr! The forum software messed up the URL which was supposed to be in plain text and not converted (incorrectly) to a link! You can see though from the Apple error page where you should be going.

  Thebez 17:25 26 Dec 2016

I was hoping to go back to a save in time machine and try to reactivate fine my phone for a phone which was fraudulently stolen from me.... just looking for ideas... im a bit peeved about it...��/p>

  Eric Nusbaum 06:17 27 Dec 2016

I have been trying to set up 2 different repeaters, because I thought the first one was no good, for 3 days.They both were reachable via ip address this is no longer the case. the crazy thing is that I can reach my router through the wired connection to the repeater, go figure, which means that the repeater is getting the signal from the router. Anyway I try to connect wireless it either tells me no or limited connection all drivers are up to date I uninstalled wireless driver reinstalled and power cycled the modem. I am completely lost. Can anyone help?

  Eric Nusbaum 06:19 27 Dec 2016

Don't fall from the BS . An iCloud locked phone can ONLY be unlocked with the password

  Forum Editor 08:33 28 Dec 2016

Eric Nusbaum

Please start a new thread with your query - posting a new request for help in someone else's thread is seen as hijacking.

  Thebez 08:37 28 Dec 2016

Didn't realise... thanks anyway �

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