can I delete osx of a newly created partition

  laup2000 23:28 17 Feb 2016

Hi I want to install Mavericks on a partition as I need it to run an audio interface. I have tried numerous ways to "downgrade" to mavericks and keep hitting the same problem. It all seems to be linked to not being able to "upgrade" Yosemite with an older OSX. I have now decided to create a partition and install mavericks on that, i will boot up from that whenever i need to use the audio interface. My question is if i erase the newly created partition will i delete the current Yosemite osx from it or just any data on it? I want to delete yosemite of it in the hope that Its presence does to conflict with me trying to install mavericks. I hope this makes sense. Many thanks Paul

  bremner 14:38 19 Feb 2016

If you delete a partition you will delete everything on it including the OS.

  HondaMan 16:20 19 Feb 2016

Bremner Shouldn't do if he uses Disk Utility

  laup2000 16:32 19 Feb 2016

If the deletion cleans the OSX, how do you access the partition or do you have to install new OSX with bootable disk onto the new partition before accessing it?

  bremner 16:50 19 Feb 2016

If you use Disk Utility to delete a partition you will delete the OS and Data on that partition.

However Disk Utility will not allow you to delete the partition that the OS running the machine is on i.e. it will not let the machine effectively kill itself.

Disk Utility will allow you to resize the partition that the OS is on and create a new one. This will not delete the data or OS on the existing partition, then you can install another OS, Mavericks, on the new partition.

When the machine starts if you hold down the Option(alt) key you can choose which OS will boot.

You can then install your non Yosemite software on the Mavericks partition and boot into that when you want to use it.

Each partition will be seen by the other meaning you can share the data.

  laup2000 17:42 19 Feb 2016

Thanks for that. Very helpful.

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