Can I delete "ASP.Net Machine" account on vista?

  theDarkness 19:21 12 Mar 2010

A new account has appeared on my system, "ASP.NET Machine". Its supposedly harmless and relates to a Windows 32 bit update, but I am wondering if I can remove it easily without problem? Since I am also having having update problems (no updates will install) I am wanting to try a removal to see if it also helps matters (ie a re-install if its really necessary to have on the 32 bit vista system)? thanks

  chub_tor 19:28 12 Mar 2010

This user account is automatically created when the .NET framework is installed on your PC. Its only purpose is to allow you to run ASP.NET aps on your PC's local host web server.
If you are not doing any ASP.NET web development you can delete it without any problems, and this should return your Logon to normal.

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