Can the forum recommend an email client to work across multiple devices?

  webwurzel 22:40 17 Dec 2014


This is my first foray in to the forum world so please be gentle! I have had a look through the other threads so I hope I am not replicating a previous discussion ... as that would tedious to put it mildly.

I am currently running a MacBook Pro and using Thunderbird as my email client. I have six email accounts linked in to this. On my iPhone and iPad I am using Apple Mail. Now you will notice that I have a problem. I cannot use my Thunderbird email client on these other devices (as far as I am aware) and, therefore, have to clear down all devices of accumulated email on a periodic basis. Which is a bit of a faff!

Ideally I am after an app for all three devices that show an identical inbox and filing structure so that I can deal with email traffic on one device depending on where I am and what I am doing; thus avoiding the endless swiping on phone/tablet to delete messages that have been dealt with on my MacBook. It would be beautiful if the app could also integrate with my Apple contacts file as well ... I know I am now being a demanding Doris.

I have had a look at Postbox and Mailpilot, but I am not too sure that these do what I need them to do. Unibox? Not a lot of obvious info on their website for a numpty user like me. Mailbox seems to be the ticket ... but of those six accounts only two are Gmail and I don't use an iCloud account. The others I directly link in to via my hosting service provider. Sparrow Mail App maybe?

Agghhh! Going mad trying to find a simple answer. So I am hoping that the hugely sensible, knowledgable, and friendly experts on this forum may be able to help me out?

Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

Stuart. A true Mac Novice ...

  Ventad 19:12 18 Dec 2014

Why do you not use something like hotmail, or other internet mail . I use Hotmail and it downloads automatically to my iPad and also leaves it on the Internet account so that I can just sign in on laptop or desktop and read again or work on with the mail. I say hotmail but as they say on TV there are many other mail company's . Unless I have misinterpreted your thread.

  techgirlable 19:31 18 Dec 2014

Agree with Ventad. I use gmail and it works great

  webwurzel 22:21 22 Dec 2014

Hi Ventad & Techgirlable,

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond on this.

I too have a gmail account and you are spot on I can access this across devices. However I have a number of email accounts from a selection of my own domain names. Rather than having to dive in to the webmail portal via my hosting account for each separate domain I have them feeding in to Thunderbird via POP3. I also get AppleMail, on my iPad and iPhone, to pick up the email from my hosting account as well via POP3. However this leaves copies of the email on all three devices.

So what I am searching for is something that can be installed across all devices. Get the email downloaded via whichever device is in use at the time; delete and file via whichever device and then this is replicated across all the devices.

Does this help or make the request even more bizarre ... ?

  wee eddie 02:18 23 Dec 2014

I could be wrong but I believe that what you are seeking is one of the selling points of the new which, of course, is Hotmail but with bells on.

  webwurzel 18:50 23 Dec 2014

Thanks for the suggestion Wee Eddie, I will have a look at I moved away from the big Microsoft machine a little while ago due to the tons of adverts all over their services, but it might be worth dipping my toe back in again! I have also seen an article about using Airmail for Mac and Mailbox for iOS. So I could have a bit of a test around both solutions. Many thanks again for your help.

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