Can anyone save my sanity!

  Sapins 11:20 31 Dec 2017

I bought an ipad 4 years ago, suddenly the menu bar, at top of the Safari page has disappeared Tommy Cooper like. I have tried to find it but all my searches have proved fruitless. I then decided to see if Apple could help, so I went on their chat line. I have never had any "help" like it, the first advisor obviously did not know what he was talking about and he suddenly closed the chat, no explanation on anything so I tried again, the second advisor did try quite hard and in the end he said there are no toolbars to access on the ipad! only on the Mac, I am quite sure there was all the time I have had the ipad, so, first question are you using Safari on an ipad and secondly have you found the toolbars and if so how did you do this. I have reverted the ipad to factory settings, no solution there. I was about to have Apple ring me back but here will bequicker and more positive.

Thanks in advance and have a really Happy New Year everyone.

  Govan1x 11:42 31 Dec 2017

Just wondered if you could delete Safari then reinstall it. Not sure if you can or not. Or maybe download another Browser and use that.

Just had another thought on what you were saying about a menu bar on it. Never knew there was one maybe that's why I found it difficult to use.

I will have a look now to see how to get it.

  bremner 15:56 31 Dec 2017

There is no toolbar on Safari on the iPad.

You can have the Fanourites bar through Settings > Safari

  Sapins 10:19 01 Jan 2018

Thanks bremner,The advisor said as much and now I will forget about it.

  Govan1x 12:11 01 Jan 2018

I suppose you could always download another browser if you are fed up with Safari.

  Pine Man 13:19 01 Jan 2018

Firefox runs very well on iPads and iPhones:-)

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