Can anyone help with iTunes?

  Housten 16:27 12 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, I have an 80GB iPod and to get any albums on to the iPod I have to use iTunes. But I have two annoying problems. The first is when I import albums into ITunes on my computer. The first track gets downloaded at something between 5 and 8 times. This download speed can continue throughout the whole download. But at other times from the second track to the last it can suddenly speed up and get up to 30+ times. Does anyone know of a way of controlling this speed? My second problem lies with the order that the albums appear in iTunes and on my iPod. Is there a control that allows an alphabetic listing to be made possible? I find it very annoying that consecutive albums can be at either end of the listed albums! Even if the answers are in the negative I will know it is not me!! Many thanks to all who reply.

  john bunyan 17:55 12 Apr 2018

On your PC you can sort columns by clicking on the header. For example if you click on song , they are sorted in alphabetical order regardless of artist . If , as I do, you click on Artist then Artists in alphabetic order are shown , with their songs in alphabetical order . When you play the iPod you can similarly chose artist or songs. On the PC you can create playlists so , for example, at Christmas you could have carols or Christmas music . Playlists are shown on the I pad.

Not sure why the downloads are erratic- are you talking about purchases from Apple or elsewhere.

  Housten 10:29 13 Apr 2018

Good Morning, john bunyan,

I am talking about the importation to iTunes of CDs I have purchased from Non-Apple sources. Many thanks for your advice, I will implement it very soon, I am very grateful. Thank you.

  Housten 10:53 13 Apr 2018

Good Morning, john bunyan,

Sorry to trouble you again. But I have just tried to find 'header' in my iTunes and I can not find it. I know I am probably being a bit thick, but could you, please, explain in detail where this 'header' is? Many thanks in advance.

  john bunyan 11:21 13 Apr 2018


I will reply when I am at my PC - on an iPhone at the moment. I have imported quite a few CD’s and will look at import settings; have you looked at your settings?

  john bunyan 11:36 13 Apr 2018


Here is a screenshot of a granddaughter's iTunes. I have highlighted in pink the headers. Click on the one you want to sort on.

  Housten 14:10 13 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, john bunyan, I finally found the header, but....... For the past couple of days every time I have clicked on iTunes on my Desktop the programme informs that something has not been installed properly and do I want it repaired. I say yes and it disappears. I then click on iTunes and things appear to work normally which may be part of my problem. As I said I got up what you had included in your last reply and I clicked on Artist. According to iTunes Tina Turner follows on from Abba, and if I try so it reverses that it shows Neil Diamond as last and then Van Morrison! As iTunes appeared and said there was an upgrade do you think it worthwhile for me to delete iTunes and then download it from the Apple website? Just a thought!!

  john bunyan 15:18 13 Apr 2018

No need to delete it, just install the latest version over the top.. The actual programme updates but your music is unaffected. The alphabetical order is a bit quirky- Sometimes The Beatles = T, other times = B! Just install new version . I’m out again so will relook later .

  Forum Editor 15:27 13 Apr 2018

iTunes will automatically and periodically prompt you when a new version is available for download.

That's the message you saw. As john bunyan says, there's no need to uninstall your current version, just accept the new download offer, and the software will do the rest. Your music files will not be affected in any way.

  john bunyan 16:53 13 Apr 2018

PS each time you click on a header it reverses- so if, for example, you have Abba at the top, and Vera Lynn at the bottom, after clicking again , Vera will be at the top. The same applies to each column. I have several I tunes accounts, one of which is shared with a granddaughter (23) who works in London ; if she buys more tunes on her iPhone they appear in the cloud and I download them as a back up. I created a cloud column, so can also sort on that to download from whatever artists she has bought.

  john bunyan 17:27 13 Apr 2018


I hope the rumours are wrong but it is said that iTunes will discontinue downloads next year.

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