A Callenge to the forum - re Java applets

  ZootHornRollo 13:10 05 Oct 2004

So far every problem I've had until now has been fixed but this one has stumped everyone. If you see the correspondence below you'll see what has been suggested so far.
My friend even got a local PC technician out to help but after 2 hours he could find no solution. Can anybody help or is this one problemto which there is no answer?

Problems with Yahoo Games
ZootHornRollo Wed, 22.09.04 | 21:00
A friend of mine is having this problem: He wants to play Backgammon on Yahoo but having accessed their game site, logged on and selected the "Room" he wants to play in the backgammon graphics (an applet) refuses to load even though it says 'Done' at the bottom of the screen.
Any ideas on how to get around this problem - he's written to Yahoo who have so far ignored him and there is nothing on their website that appears to deal with this. any suggestions gratefully received.

Diodorus Siculus Thu,
Sounds like the java runtime is not installed

ZootHornRollo Thu, 23.09.04 | 08:50
Thanks for the tip - had a look at the link. Is it the "J2SE v 1.4.2_05 JRE includes the JVM technology" option or one of the others that my friend needs to use?

Diodorus Siculus Thu, 23.09.04 | 09:12
click here it is this one I believe.

ZootHornRollo Thu, 23.09.04 | 11:44

Had a go at getting from tucows - Sun's site was not very accomodating. Downloaded and installed it but still no joy. Any alternatives you can think of

  Graham ® 14:43 05 Oct 2004

Hi, all sorted?

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