Bye Bye Microsoft - Hello Apple?

  Bestselling Author 21:57 19 Jan 2007

I currently have a Packard Bell (18 months) running XP and at the moment I'm having one problem after another after another. Just as I solve one, another glitch occurs. As a freelance author, I need a reliable pc (I'm an author not an I.T department!). I'm now beginning to wonder whether it's time to jump ship and switch to Apple (for both desktop and laptop).

Apart from the obvious costs of changing machines, what other costs should I consider? Is it possible to get Microsoft Office software versions that run on Apples? Everyone I liaise with uses Word. What sort of compatibility problems might I have, and does it matter who my broadband provider is? Am I being sensible, or might I end up biting off more that I can chew, and how many mortgages could I end up needing for this?

  Kate B 22:13 19 Jan 2007

The only compatibility problem you'll have is that none of the software you've bought for your Windows machine will work with a Mac. But yes, there's a version of Office for Mac and no, it doesn't matter who your broadband provider is. I don't know for sure but if you use a USB broadband modem you might have issues with drivers but you'll have to do the research on it.

Macs are a delight to use; but before you bin your existing machine, why don't you try and solve the problems it seems to have? Do you run Windows Update regularly, do you use antivirus that you keep updated and scan the machine with regularly, do you run realtime anti-malware, do you scan regularly with up-to-date definitions for trojans, spyware and adaware? It's not a huge amount of effort but it does need to be done with a Windows computer and if you don't, you have only yourself to blame.

Or is it a hardware problem? If so, have you been back (and back and back) to the shop that sold you the machine? It's a shame to junk a computer if you can sort it out.

  Jimmy14 22:14 19 Jan 2007

I would say you are being reasonably sensible. There is Microsoft Office 2004 for macs which I hear is a very good package. It doesn't matter about the ISP unless you are using their specific modems and software. I am using a router and works fine on macs with airport (Macs Wireless)
Here is a link for more information on Office 2004 for Mac,
click here

  woodchip 22:24 19 Jan 2007

Have you tried Linux Live? you can do it just with a Live CD. With lots of Software so you can try before you load a Full version click here

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