buying a refurbished macbook pro

  Dominika Grzesik 23:37 25 May 2017

Hi, I am thinking about buying a refurbished macbook pro from USA, through official Apple website. I know it comes with a one year warranty, but can anyone help me and tell me if it is gonna work outside of USA as well, if it is international? Thanks! Z.G.

  Blazing_Boy 01:25 26 May 2017

Well, the warranty is as long as i know is international, so you would be safe.

  Forum Editor 08:39 29 May 2017

Warranties on all Apple devices (except iPhones) are international. iPhone warranties are only valid for the country in which the device was purchased.

  Pine Man 16:10 29 May 2017

Maybe, just maybe the OP is querying whether or not the Macbook will work outside the USA.

If that is the case, and I stand to be corrected, then the answer is a conditional yes.

He will need to be aware that buying any product with a keyboard that the layout will be different. This is more of an issue with a laptop because its easy enought to get a new keyboard for a desktop. The key difference may well be that the # instead of a £ symbol on the 3 key, it is also unlikely to have a € symbol. You can change these in settings, but they won't be marked on the keyboard, which could prove annoying.

Finally there is the fact that the plug will be different - although there shouldn't be a problem with the voltage.

If I am wrong and you were concerned about the warranty being international, my apologies but I can confirm that it is certainly international.

  Forum Editor 16:49 29 May 2017

The keyboard settings can easily be changed so a £ sign is generated by pressing shift-3.

  Dominika Grzesik 17:16 29 May 2017

Thank you all very much :)

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