Buying a new machine - advice please

  tom_nuttall 12:34 21 Jan 2006

Dear all,

I want to buy a new machine but I'm not sure where to go to get the best value - your advice would be appreciated.

I want to get a future-proof machine that won't need upgrading for at least four years. I've got up to £900 to spend but would like to get something cheaper if possible.

I'll be storing a lot of music on the computer - say 80Gb worth. I also want to use it with my current Emu 0404 soundcard to sequence. I'll be using Cubase with some plug-ins so will need the Ram to handle this.

I'll also be using a wireless broadband internet connection.

Morgan's have a 3.4Ghz Intel 4, 2Gb DDR RAM and 200Gb HDD for £670. PC World have a similar spec (less memory, but a flat-panel montior which wiould be very nice) for £900. But I see machines which look to be as good on ebay for £4-500. Can I trust ebay retailers? Or am I better off with a high-street store?

All advice appreciated -


  Totally-braindead 12:44 21 Jan 2006

You can in general trust Ebay sellers I'm one after all but I personally wouldn't buy a PC from them because I would be worried about the warranty and the quality of the parts. Because of this I would be looking at one of the many computer manufacturers that have been about for some time such as Dell, Evesham, etc etc. If you go to one of the bigger companies you have the option, if you wish of going for a longer warranty. How much this costs varies, I don't bother with this mainly because I have built a few PCs and am used to replacing parts etc. But if you're not happy doing this its an option. I'm afraid I've never heard of this fancy sound card you have but as long as it works with XP there won't be an issue.

  Totally-braindead 12:46 21 Jan 2006

Oh and one of the things I would also get is an external hard drive, that way if the hard drive fails and you have all your music backed up you lose very little. Imagine how you would feel if 2 years down the line the hard drive fails and you lose everything because you haven't a back up.

  stylehurst 13:22 21 Jan 2006

Have a look at Novatech

  Diemmess 18:24 21 Jan 2006

I think "future proofing" is like the Holy Grail.
Idealists spend a lot of time (and money) without a result perhaps because they are technofreaks rather than computer users.

If your interest is music, my guess is that you are limited at present by lack of RAM, disk space, and opportunities to add more gizmos. Otherwise you system is doing largely what you want of it?

So avoid the bargain market, often discounted deals because the offers are obsolescent or known to have incipient troubles.

I would consider Dell or Evesham but a tiny concern that Dell have their own way of components, and might possibly be difficult to upgrade (if you need that)
More important to my mind is to have a good mid-range design and plenty of RAM

  Dellman 13:28 01 Feb 2006

Have you tried MESH???

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