To buy or not to buy "Ipad"

  frenchman96 18:32 16 Jan 2012

Hi gang

Just done a search on Ipads, and one of the links was J.Lewis/ipads/reviews and they all spoke very well about ipad2 and especially J.Lewis.

A friend visiting from America showed me his yesterday and I agree, it looks great, but my only grey area is the internet connection side of things.

he travels to/fro yet he said his is Wi-Fi and as long as the plane he is on has connection, so does he, but surely 3g (if I have that right) is the way to go?

Like my/any laptop, as far as I know, you have to be in an area where you can pick up the signal, like McDonalds, friends house etc.

With 3g, you should connect anytime/anywhere, and with wi-fi, there is no connection charges, but with 3g, have you got to pay, if so, how/how much

  KRONOS the First 18:44 16 Jan 2012

It depends on the provider you use. I have just the wifi version as there are so many free wifi hotspots that I see no reason for paying extra for the 3G version of the iPad and the extra for being connected to the 3G network.

So have a look at the various providers. Bit of info here iPad 3 G.

  Woolwell 19:31 16 Jan 2012

I find that the wifi only version is fine. The only time I missed 3G was once at a station where I couldn't find a free wifi spot. You do need 3G for satnav.

  [email protected] 21:16 16 Jan 2012

My mobile phone running Android 4.0 would allow me to share its internet connection with a WiFi device, therefore if I ever choose to buy a tablet then I would just get a WiFi one and piggyback off my phone's internet connection.

  ams4127 22:24 16 Jan 2012

Mine is also WiFi only and I have never had any problem connecting to the many hotspots around.

I tried to piggy back my Blackberry, through bluetooth, with the iPad and, although they found each other and "locked on" the iPad would not allow me to use the Blackberry's 3G.

Mine is an original, maybe the iPad2 is different.

  Input Overload 09:34 17 Jan 2012

From a mail I got today it seems:

'Apple has reportedly set March as the target for the release of an LTE-equipped quad-core iPad model'

So maybe waiting month or so might be an idea?

  frenchman96 09:54 17 Jan 2012

Hi Guys Thanks for the response, from what I hear, most seem happy with wi-fi as you dont seem to have problems with "pick up" so it confirms what my friend said.

I must still ask though, and assuming the process is the same with a laptop wi-fi, if I went to my daughters house with my laptop, when trying to connect, I am shown various connection or networks. Any that are "security protected" will not let me connect, rightly so, then my daughter gives me her connection details and I connect.So surely you users of wi-fi Ipads are often in areas, or houses, or buildings with a similar situation.

To summarise, once you have bought an Ipad (wi-fi) there are no other connction or monthly charges.

  Woolwell 10:17 17 Jan 2012

You end up buying apps but most of these are not expensive. With a wifi iPad there are no connection or monthly charges but if you have a download cap on your broadband and you start downloading a lot eg films to the iPad then you could incur charges.

  frenchman96 15:35 17 Jan 2012

So basicall, you run your ipad off your BB set up at home, and rely on wifi connections around, as discussed above.

I dont d/load any music, store my pics/music on memory stick, and on the net, and only d/load the odd film.

One thing I did not ask, does ipad come with a sim card like mobile, or does it have its own hard drive

  Woolwell 15:37 17 Jan 2012

It has internal memory. The wifi version doesn't have a slot for a sim card.

Suggest you play with a demo one in a store.

  frenchman96 18:03 17 Jan 2012

Thanks for all your help......

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