Buy from Apple or buy from Amazon? Or other?

  Frannigan 17:29 25 Feb 2009

I'm in the market for a new laptop and want a Mac. The price differences between buying direct from Apple and buying from Amazon are astounding! Why is this? What are the benefits to buying from one or the other? Are there other suppliers I should be looking at? What about customer service, will I be able to deal with any possibly arising problems directly with Apple in the future if I don't buy directly from them now?

Also, I'm torn between a MacBook and a MacBook Pro. I only use my laptop for word processing, email, internet and music - is it worth me going for the Pro or will the differences not make a difference to me?

Thanks in advance for any help!

  bremner 17:42 25 Feb 2009

Buy from Amazon if they are cheaper.

New MacBook is great piece of kit, I am typing this on one. However there are two advantages with a Pro and one draw back

15" screen over 13.3"
Firewire connectivity.

It does cost more.

  Frannigan 17:46 25 Feb 2009

The laptop I currently have is 13.3 I think and it's fine. Is 15" a noticeable difference?

I cannot think of a single occasion I have ever needed to use Firewire.

I'm not paying so price isn't an issue in that sense, but am wondering whether there are other benefits to buying direct from Apple to counteract the higher price.

  bremner 18:01 25 Feb 2009

Buying from Apple you can include their additional Apple Care at about £130, other than that you get the standard 12 month apple warranty.

Personally I would buy from Amazon and save the money.

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