Built In speakers are gone

  K Hawkins 21:12 09 Oct 2018

I tried out a soundbar on my Mac and when I unplugged it knocked out the internal sound speakers, these are now missing from my sound preferences and I can't work out how to get them back. I have tried a PRAM reset, putting headphones in then removing them etc but the speakers are now missing. How can I get the internal output speakers back?

  bremner 07:04 10 Oct 2018

Have seen this reported as a fix

Plug in a set of earphones and confirm they are working correctly. Then unplug the earphones and check if the Internal Speakers are now appearing in System Preferences > Sounds > Output

  bremner 07:04 10 Oct 2018

Please ignore my last

  wee eddie 16:51 10 Oct 2018

Is the Soundbar still plugged in?

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