Building your own machine.

  slimbo51 19:50 17 Feb 2004

I don't know if its just me being lucky, but over the last 7-8yrs have always built my own computers and never had a single failure of any kind. I tend to update my system every year.

I do realise it may be "Cheaper" to buy a box system than DIY system, but as I only use high end M/Boards and components for them, I wonder If the Key to reliability is the quality of the components rather than just the price.

I accept that alot of people can't or don't want to do it themselves but then go out and try and get the best for the least cash outlay posssible.
They then wonder why the machine fails often. You always get what you pay for in life.

  961 19:57 17 Feb 2004

No, I don't think it is you being lucky

I started out buying Amstrad and then a variety of computers

I got round to trying to build my own when I found machines bought by mail order seemed to spend a lot of time in transit if they went wrong, even if I had paid for on-site service

I now find that I have 24/7 service and up to date systems but, like you, they don't go wrong all that much

Just updated to AMD Barton 2500. Buying last year's processor costs peanuts and works fine for me

  slimbo51 20:01 17 Feb 2004

Snap 961. Just put a new Barton 2500 in mine (Great prices arn't they).

Run mine on a Abit NF7 M/Board, worked spot on from day one.

  Gaz 25 20:16 17 Feb 2004

I agree that buiding your own and using BRAND high quality names:













and the alike...

Then you end up with a much more reliable system.

  Como2 21:48 17 Feb 2004

I am thinking of building my own but have read somewhere that problems can be caused by components not being compatable with each other.

Is this a red herring ?


  Forum Editor 23:03 17 Feb 2004

it's a real risk, and you should carefully check the compatibility of components(particularly of RAM) before you buy.

  GuyR 18:15 18 Feb 2004

Simple I know, built my own machine last year, ran OK apart from needed fsb setting correctly.

as regards getting compatible components just ask in the shop. I bought all my gear from one supplier even going to computer fair to get reduced prices eg £15 off the hard drive. They were quite open and did not try to flog me the highest rated graphic etc as not a gamer at all. Told me charge would be £50 to build for me but would be 10 days or so.

Took bits home and built within 2 hours being ultra careful, would be less than 1 hour if did again.

Great fun though

  leo49 18:37 18 Feb 2004

You can pick up quite a lot useful tips by reading the buyers reviews of products you're considering on sites like E-buyer,Aria,Watford Savastore,etc.

  sdf 18:54 18 Feb 2004

as someone who has some reasonable horror stories when it comes to hardware I would advise for an own build, to buy from a reputable supplier, such as Novatech. In case on the off chance something does go wrong you know your covered

  Rayuk 19:18 18 Feb 2004

You should have given Crucial a plug re the ram
Motherboard ram configurator/Free P&P/Good prices and no quibble returns. Cannot go wrong.

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