[DELETED] 01:12 14 Apr 2006

Hi there

I am switching to Talktalk from BT and they are asking for a mac code. Can anyone tell me how I get one. Telephone No to ring eg.
Is anyone out there using talktalk option 3
Free broadband and £9.99 for calls plus £11.00 a month rental. Anyone know what its like ?


  Devil Fish 01:38 14 Apr 2006

click start then run then cmd

in the black box type ipconfig/all then press enter look for physical adress in list that is your mac adress

Example Physical Adress OO-17-D3-0F-19-8C

Alternativly if you dont have a network adaptor in your pc look at your modem this should have a sticker on it somewhere with your mac adress on it

  phil46 01:39 14 Apr 2006

Mac codes are given when you change from one ISP to another as you can't have two broadband connections from two ISP's on the same line.

  Devil Fish 01:46 14 Apr 2006

a mac adress if the physical adress for network hardware network adaptors and modems already have one they are not given by an isp

  [DELETED] 02:01 14 Apr 2006

If you type "mac code" in the Search Forum box, you'll find 24 threads to do with MAC codes. You may find your answer in the 4th thread from bottom.

  Devil Fish 10:23 14 Apr 2006

my apologies you were asking about migration codes i was confusing it it with mac adress

to obtain this you will need to contact your existing isp

apologies once again

  Stuartli 13:20 14 Apr 2006

It was only launched on Tuesday...:-))

  [DELETED] 13:56 14 Apr 2006

I don't think it goes live until July 06
See click here for more information

  [DELETED] 01:35 21 Apr 2006

I was with TalkTalk on a 1MB package for a year, and with their giving broadband free I can see all sorts of problems cropping up, so I decided to move on to Pipex. I asked TalkTalk for a Mac code and they sent me an email with a form attached, which I completed on 31/03/06. After the usual 48 hours (the normal time to get a Mac code), I phoned them up.

After being on hold for over an hour they told me it takes up to 16 days. Bullshit I argued, and to prove my point I called their 50p a minute tech support and they agreed that it should be done within 48 hours.

I called TalkTalk every day to demand they get their arse in gear, and suddenly they started giving me the crap that they couldn't get into their systems, or the systems were down. And they are talking about giving free broadband, (IT WILL NEVER WORK).

They told me I was talking mince when I told them that other ISP's can do it almost immediately as it is BT who give them out. I got my Mac code eventually, after 20 days. But I promised them that I would make sure their complete disregard for the customer would be placed on forums.

If anyone is thinking of taking up the free broadband offer, my advice is don't. They are over loaded with applications and have admitted that they will be charging users the full price of phone + broadband even if they cannot manage to set up the bb service right away, with no activasion date given.

If they cannot manage to keep their own systems up and running, what chance have they of providing a free bb service for several hundred thousand plus. Within 2 days of the free bb announcement, their lines were jammed when over 25,000 consumers phoned up to enquire.

  rdave13 01:42 21 Apr 2006

Think AOL is quite a good ISP...:-0

  Stuartli 09:15 21 Apr 2006

>>that they will be charging users the full price of phone + broadband>>

You can't charge for something that is free...:-)

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