Broken 6S+ Screen Costs across the globe

  ashley_mcdowell 09:30 20 Dec 2017


My iPhone accidentally dropped last week and small hairline crack resulted - a few days later I had the misfortune to find a completely shattered screen.

I was told the glass protection would have possibly prevented? Is this true?

More of an issue, is repairing the screen - last time I did this was in australia, which was straight forward.

However, I am in Europe and I don’t understand Apple’s maverick pricing across the globe.

Below prices are quoted from their official service centres.

6Splus replace display/screen: USA $169 / UK £179 / Australia $228 / AUSTRIA €300($354.00) / Germany €201.10 / Romania €192.00 /

Can someone please explain why USA and Australia have identical pricing, yet Europe is between 35% to 210% more inflated - whilst I could assume there are some FOREX factors to consider, but it seems ridiculous for a piece of glass to have such variation in Europe - if you are in Austria, don’t drop the phone!

Would European import duties, rent and labour impact the pricing? Certainly Australia is a high cost country yet they have identical pricing, added $USD is high shortening the delta.

I am also curious, does anyone know why Germany also charges €201.10 - could a €199 price tag be seen as a better price point.

To focus my question, has anyone challenged Apple regarding this - as it seems it could be a sore point?

  ashley_mcdowell 09:33 20 Dec 2017

By the way, Australia is $AUD228 = $USD168

  john bunyan 16:57 20 Dec 2017

Plenty of private repair folk- for example Timpsons, a shoe and watch repair franchise in most U.K. towns. Price about £70- £85 . If out of warranty, Apple charge too much. Just be a bit careful and ensure repairer uses genuine screen. I would also get a screen saver for abt £10 and a case with a thin rubber edge protection.

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