Brit Method. Is this a virus? How to remove?

  Dagswe21 10:00 13 Nov 2016


I have been receiving numerous emails seemingly from people I know, and as often is, they look genuine. Without the senders knowledge, of course.

But they all just re-direct me to the "Brit method" money making scheme/scam signup page. I have had these from both mac/iPad users and PC users, but this may be just a coincidence.

Please can anyone enlighten me? Is this a scam or virus? Is it harmful? How do I get rid of it? My computer knowledge is ok, but still basic compared to a 'pro'.

Any help, HUGELY appreciated, as it is filling up my mailbox, and those of friends and family. Is there a legit piece of software out there to get rid of this?

Thank you so much!!


  Govan1x 10:07 13 Nov 2016

You could try downloading Malwarebytes for a Mac and give that a run to see if it finds any problems. Not sure if that would help with mail problems though.

Can yo not right click the email and mark it as spam I have never had a Mac or whatever so maybe best waiting for someone that can give you better information. Also have a look in your contacts to make sure that there not any on there that should not be on it.

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