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Bow in ipad pro and no answer

  Abd 00:08 18 Jul 2019

I have got an ipad pro 11 months ago 3 months ago it’s got a bow (curvature) I tried to communicate to apple but there is no answer

  Govan1x 12:12 18 Jul 2019

Take it to the nearest apple store that does repairs. Your warranty runs out soon so you have to be quick.. That is of course you bought it from new.

  wee eddie 12:47 18 Jul 2019

Take pictures of it, with a ruler nearby, for scale purposes, and email it to their Complaints Department. This will confirm and date the problem.

Then do what Govan1x suggests

  Govan1x 12:52 18 Jul 2019

if in the UK maybe try this.

Click here

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