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Bootable USB macbook wont work

  Jauil 18:30 19 Sep 2018

Hello, so i have a problem with a installation on a macbook. I took my SSD from windows and earsed the windows and now im trying to install High sierra using a bootable that i made on my other macbook. I start the computer and hold Option key. The USB shows up and i can select the installer but when i select it the screen turns white and a stop sign shows up. Please help me with this.

  HondaMan 19:58 20 Sep 2018

Sounds like the installer is corrupted

  BRYNIT 18:25 21 Sep 2018

As HondaMan has said the installer could be corrupt. As long as you have the mac connected to the internet you may be able to download an install from the recovery mode. CLICK HERE for instructions. As you had Windows on the drive you will need to wipe the drive using disk Utilities.

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