book for technologically inept senior

  fsa259 07:45 21 May 2015

My elderly father is an expat and technologically quite inept. My sister, who is also abroad but somewhere else, suggested he buy a MacBook Pro because she felt OSX might be easier to use. He loves his little girl and took her advice. (Personally, I think it was my sister's cunning plan because she knows nothing about Macs.)

Unfortunately, none of his work colleagues are familiar with Macs either so he doesn't have anyone to show him how to get more proficient on it. He can just about Skype and check Facebook. I am at my wits end trying to explain via Skype how to go about it, so I thought I would send him a book.

Which do you recommend for a technologically inept senior?

  fsa259 07:48 21 May 2015

There are no official Apple stores where he is, only resellers, hence no Genius Bars either.

  HondaMan 09:02 21 May 2015

Have a look here Amazon

  wee eddie 13:40 21 May 2015

4th one down might be very appropriate: Macs for Dummies Books. My experience of these books is that they are first class.

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