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Best old Mac Book Pro to run latest Photoshop?

  RonnieH 09:28 28 Jun 2018

Hello I'm about 12 years out of practice using Photoshop (& Macs) and I was hoping to get a MacBook Pro to start using again. I'm on a very tight budget for the next year & recently seen what might be a good (or terrible) deal of a MacBook Pro 6. I'm tempted because of larger screen size of 17", these are the specs: Processor i5 540M, 8 GB RAM & Storage 500 GB HD. Would this be enough to run Photoshop? If not, what's roughly the oldest MacBook Pro I could get away with using? Thanks for any advice.

  bremner 13:04 29 Jun 2018

Click here where it seems to indicate the MacBook has a more than sufficient spec

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