Best laptop for Final Cut Pro X

  Emily Kate 11:29 19 Jun 2017

I need a new laptop for work - primarily for the use of Final Cut Pro X.

Up until recently I've been using my own Mac Book air from 2012 which was working fine until now. I was able to edit videos over the last year on this but now it's crashing due to 'other' memory being completely full - I'm pretty certain due to the video editing? I've deleted absolutely everything on it, from cache down to chrome, and it's still full.

I work for a charity so I need to know that whatever we invest in won't have similar technical issues.

Would love to know what spec to look out for?

  Forum Editor 07:13 23 Jun 2017

Video editing is very demanding in terms of processing capacity, and if you are using Final Cut Pro X to edit HD video you should go for a Mac with an Intel i7 processor if you can. The software uses that processor's hyper-threading to render video faster.

The perfect machine would be this one (if your budget runs to it).

  Menzie 16:41 24 Jun 2017

With video editing generally the more cores and memory the better. So going with the best CPU and RAM amount that your budget allows will yield considerable results in rendering time.

An i7 CPU and at least 16GB of RAM would be desirable for HD video rendering.

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