Best free Video Chat for PC and Mac?

  Patr100 19:10 04 Jan 2006

My brother has just got broadband - as I already have - and I am curious to finally try out video chat. Only slight problem , he is using a Mac so can any one recommend a free video chat prog that we can both use.


  DieSse 19:39 04 Jan 2006

See the bottom of the link page for PC-Mac facilities

click here

  Patr100 19:51 04 Jan 2006

Do you mean the downloads? I've looked here bu can' see any suiable that are specifically for Mac & PC.

  DieSse 19:54 04 Jan 2006

At the bottom of the page it lists Yahoo Messenger, iVisit and iSpQ as suitable for PC to Mac video chats.

  DieSse 19:58 04 Jan 2006

iSpQ download page - one for Mac, one for Windows click here

iVisit click here

Yahoo I would probably stay away from personally.

  Patr100 20:06 04 Jan 2006

Thanks but still can't see what page you are referring to - Do you have a link?

I tried ivist but I couldn't get it to work for me - no image at all.

Will look at OSPQ.

  DieSse 22:53 04 Jan 2006

The link is in my first post - I guess you must be new here. All links get automatically translated by the forum software to a *click here* - so that's all you need to do - here it is again click here

  Thalmus 23:19 04 Jan 2006

You can use msn, there is a version for macs

click here

  Patr100 23:26 04 Jan 2006

Hi definitely not new , I've been a member for many years - I know you have too - and I used to post a lot more - because for some reason I read your post as refering to the downloads page on the PCA site ( years ago there was a recommended links section seperate from downloads) and I was just blind to the click here. Been a few months simce my las log in.

I see it now. Thanks. I'm hoping to try a trial with OspQ.

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