Beeping Machine!

  ned3110 07:48 09 Apr 2008

Hi all

OK. I recently had a virus that did untold amounts of chaos to my machine. I have managed to sort most of it out, by re-installing windows but it still beeps when I receive emails. Its not the nice beep, you get when you receive emails, its a warning beep from the tower, just a single beep! Why would this happen. I use Mozilla Thunderbird with googlemail.

Please help

  Technotiger 08:00 09 Apr 2008

Re-seating your RAM may stop this beep, and/or re-seating your Graphics Card.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:28 09 Apr 2008

Go into ThunderBird settings. If the Play a Sound checkbox is checked, Thunderbird will play a small beep sound every time new emails arrive. You can choose the sound Thunderbird will play by clicking the Advanced button, and choosing a sound file on your computer.

  DieSse 09:34 09 Apr 2008

"Re-seating your RAM may stop this beep, and/or re-seating your Graphics Card."

Absolutely not - beeps for those problems are from the BIOS at start-up (POST) time only.

  Technotiger 10:31 09 Apr 2008

Hi, .......

click here

  Technotiger 10:32 09 Apr 2008

PS - though that was not my source of info.

  DieSse 12:33 09 Apr 2008

Exactly - POST beep codes - only during POST at bootup time.

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