battery keeps draining in standby mode - Iphone 5S

  pandi88 17:44 29 Nov 2016

Hello I have an iphone 5S, updated to the latest ios version 10.1.1 (14B150), but the battery keeps draining in standby mode, even when not using it at all. Tried all the parameters on how to maximise battery life, tried all the steps from all the forums possible, restored the device as new, closed all location services, background app refresh and even turned all the time power reserve, but the battery keeps draining! Anyone who can help me, maybe not being able to restore the device as new properly? or is something that is hardware related? because already run a diagnostic, it shows 95,79% of capacity of being charged to 100% and has only 300 cycles.

  Burn-it 23:12 29 Nov 2016

Turn off location services! It will keep polling to find out where it is!

  pandi88 12:33 30 Nov 2016

already tried that! followed this link click here, still keeps draining in standby without using it! and i really don't understand why! as i mentioned before, the diagnostic of this battery shows 95,79% of capacity of being charged to 100% and has only 300 cycles. so what to do about this issue?

  Forum Editor 12:38 30 Nov 2016

Are you using a genuine iPhone charger?

  Pandi RUVINA 12:56 30 Nov 2016

@Forum Editor, yes only apple chargers and an genuine from the first day that i bought the iphone 5s. so i have tried even with different apple chargers, but still keeps draining even without using it. not a big user, no games, only native apps and some of google apps, but still it's seems like i have an iphone and can't use it!

  Forum Editor 15:26 30 Nov 2016

The I suggest that you take your phone to an Apple store. Quite a few people have experienced exactly the same problem.

  pandi88 17:04 30 Nov 2016

@Forum Editor, the problem is that where i live, there are no Apple Store. so i might consider taking the device to one of the authorised stores around me, but all i wanted to know if there is battery the problem or something else and how much might be replacing an new battery for iphone 5S?

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