Batch change time & date in Photo's - no luck

  anthonyjjs 12:07 01 Oct 2015

Down loaded El Capitan thinking that I would now be able to batch change the date and time in Photo's. No such luck - where am I going wrong? - this silver surfer would appreciate any help

  Macworld 10:12 02 Oct 2015

We'd heard that it would be possible, will look in to it...

  Phillipsl 10:19 18 Oct 2015

Is there any way to just batch change the year in Mac Photos? I have recently returned from a vacation and noticed that my camera was set to the wrong year. I want to keep all the time, day and month settings the same, but would like to adjust only the year. If I highlight the all the photos I want to change and go to edit time and date settings, it also gives all the photos the same, time, day and month setting. Appreciate any help on this.

  Macworld 10:53 19 Oct 2015

Does this help? click here colleagues at Macworld US seem to think it is possible though, they say: "You can batch change dates. Just select the images you want to edit and choose Image > Adjust Date and Time. In the resulting sheet you can change the date, time, and time zone. When you export those images to other apps, those time changes will be respected".

Does that not work?


  Phillipsl 00:33 20 Oct 2015

Thanks, unfortunately "Image > Adjust Date and Time" changes the photos to all the same time and date. I would like to leave the time, month and day, and only change the year by +1. Thanks, really appreciated any help with this one.

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