Back to PC after 4 years of Mac. Drivers???

  Mr. Matt 15:21 28 Aug 2007

After four years I finally destroyed my Mac laptop. I spilled on it while moving, so instead of spending $750 +labor and data xfer to fix my semi-ancient iBook G4, I am purchasing a brand new HP Pavilion laptop.

I am an audio engineer by trade, and having a Mac made it extremely easy to use all of my peripherals, since there is no need to install drivers. Years ago, when I had a PC in college, I always had a hard time maintaining these things, and often used out-of-date ones that slowed me down, or installed new ones without uninstalling old ones, etc.

So what I'm looking for is a basic guide on driver maintenance. I have a few peripherals, like a USB MIDI keyboard and a firewire mixer, that I'll probably need to DL and update drivers for.

Is it in fact proper procedure to uninstall old drivers before installing new ones for the same device (keyboard, mixer, vid card, etc.)? Do I restart in between?

Any driver maintenance tips are appreciated.


  Snec 19:01 28 Aug 2007

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