Are you running Microsoft virtual machine?

  TOPCAT® 18:34 10 Apr 2003

Then this security message is for you. TC.

Security Update for Microsoft Virtual Machine.

A security issue has been identified in the Microsoft® virtual machine (Microsoft VM), which enables Java programs to run on Microsoft Windows®. This issue could enable a Web site to compromise your system and take actions such as changing data, loading and running programs, and reformatting the hard disk. You can help protect your computer by installing this update.

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  ellas 21:26 10 Apr 2003

be nice if it would install,tried 3 times now no luck so far.

  researcher 22:02 10 Apr 2003

Sorry to appear ignorant, but just what is an MS virtual machine?

  MPete 22:49 10 Apr 2003

A bug.... I did there test here. 98lite does not have it installed so proving once again that less is better..

I like how there trying to blame it on java but I have java here and it works just fine. The bug is in there as yet one more piece of bloat ware.

The bug is in the Virtual Machine virus part and could allow hackers to even format your drives so it a ugly must fix on if you have it.

So much for trustworthy computing and no I don't think Microsoft has made hackers extinct yet, and My files here are much more safer then in there open door safe.

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  anchor 15:54 11 Apr 2003

Won`t an efficient firewall act as a safeguard?.

  MPete 21:53 11 Apr 2003

In a word.........


You've allowed probably java and Virtual Machine because of some feature. I'm not sure what Virtual machine does but it's probably has some vital blurb written in it so it cannot be removed easily. Famous micronot trick. It's part of the operating system lies they keep spreading.

Now if a firewall could block it they would have just said that like they did on one of there last bugs.

It seems to be one one the features they wrote into Java... Hmmm maybe that is why Sun took them to court. But problem is it has nothing to do with java it has to do with Proxy servers.

It appears in several programs. Like Lookout and other bug laden features in Winders.

  Kyomii 04:32 13 Apr 2003

MPete, without being rude, you need to do some reading on Java VM, because you seem to be "assuming" an awful lot without any evidence.

For those that don't know, JavaVM is used in programming (java) and allows portability of Java programs, so they do not have to be decompiled and recompiled on other computers running different operating systems.

You said:

>>>But problem is it has nothing to do with java it has to do with Proxy servers<<<

I don't think so, many websites are built utilising the JVM - and hence why you think "it has to do" with proxy servers.

It is obvious you don't like windows/Microsoft, and you may have your reasons, but "please" try not to give others misguided information without any research and viable evidence - it is "heresay" like this that causes new users to become easily confused and annxious.

Heresay like this works like a nasty rumour, more "heresay" gets added on to the original heresay, and before we can blink there is a whole bundle of "old wives windows tales" spreading around full of nonsense that can cause unecessary paranoia amongst those who are new to computing.

All software is full of vulnerabilities/bugs etc -there is never a "perfect" version of any operating system - to suggest otherwise is ludicrous.

Motherboards have bugs, hardware has buggy issues, the list is endless, and even 98 lite is a cut down version of MS OWN operating system.

<<<I like how there trying to blame it on java but I have java here and it works just fine<<<

So SUN have never released an update for Java? never cured any bugs with updates? Never had any issues, problems or otherwise? I wonder why they have a bug database for developers to iron out problems on their website? mmmmm

For your information, java is the epitemy of the Internet as far as vulnerability goes (that's ANY version of java) Enabling java on your system, regardless of operating system is always a security risk.

For those that want to read more, then you can click here

>>>The Java Virtual Machine, or JVM, is an abstract computer that runs compiled Java programs. The JVM is "virtual" because it is generally implemented in software on top of a "real" hardware platform and operating system. All Java programs are compiled for the JVM. Therefore, the JVM must be implemented on a particular platform before compiled Java programs will run on that platform.<<<

  MPete 01:13 27 Apr 2003

"MPete, without being rude, you need to do some reading on Java VM, because you seem to be "assuming" an awful lot without any evidence. "

Possibly...My evidence is only based on my computer. Java works and I don't have this bug so something has been added to it. A search for virtual machine on Google turned up link pointing to Lookout and other "features" proxy servers, of micoronot.

They blamed Java and that is untrue the bug is in there software.

I'm not the only one that pointed this out on the web. There trying to push the blame on to somebody else. It's Microsofts Version of java that has this bug.

Yes running code compiled on your computer is a problem, Allowing somebody to format hard drives threw java is just plain stupid. I'm sure deleteing outlook will cure this problem so how can you justify blaiming Sun for it?

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