Are Macs really much better for Digital photgraphy, over a windows PC?

  edub2020 12:49 24 Aug 2011

Mac Vs Windows I'm confused. Wondering if I can gauge the community opinion please.

I'm looking to invest in next PC, but want to get something that best compliments my wife's new business (Digital Photography).

It turns out that virtually every arty-type photographer on the planet has decided to go for an Apple product.

The thing I don't understand is why?!

On paper, it seems that if you go for an Apple product it looks like you pay double the price for a lower spec machine (compared to a windows self build).

Is there really some hidden magic in Apple products that make them better for photography etc, or is it just maketing skills?


  Covergirl 13:00 24 Aug 2011

Snobbery LoL. And "individuality".

When they run out of things to talk about (after about 30 seconds), the conversation can be swung round to the Mac.

  Woolwell 15:58 24 Aug 2011

It's historic. Mac's used to be much better for graphics type work and media organisations all went Mac. There isn't really any difference now but media firms still mainly use macs. If your wife wants to exchange publications, etc with these firms then it may be best to go mac.

Await other's opinions though.

  interzone55 16:44 24 Aug 2011

Traditionally the best Desk Top publishing software was available on Macs, nowadays the software is the same on both platforms.

As covergirl says, "arty" types go for Macs claiming they're being individual, when in fact they're following the crowd.

Now if you asked this question about music editing then I'd say go with a Mac, and earlier this year I'd have said the same about video editing, but it looks like the latest version of Final Cut is causing some problems.

But for photo editing I'd stick with a PC, there's far more free or low priced photo editing software available for Windows

  ams4127 23:11 24 Aug 2011

Given the choice between an iMac and a Windows PC for photo editing, and if I could afford one, I would go for an iMac with that big beautiful 27in screen.

  john bunyan 15:51 27 Aug 2011

If someone else is paying a Mac is good, but I use a W7 PC with Photoshop CS5 with no discernable difference. I do not think the premium is worth it for a private user. A good monitor is worth having for either platform. If hssutton reads this , his opinion would be interesting.

  ventanas 22:53 27 Aug 2011

The only advantage I can see nowadays is the ability to use Aperture. I've tried it many times on a friend's Mac and I love it. But Lightroom is just as good (and available for both)And if you're running a photography business probably vital.

  edub2020 12:57 31 Aug 2011

Thanks all, for taking the time to respond.

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