Are iCloud restores smart enough to "merge" ?

  VenturaHwyBill 21:38 20 Sep 2015

I accidentally deleted a precious 2 yr text msg conversation with my daughter ! I'm pretty sure my iPhone (4) has not been backing up to iCloud. I see that there are several 3rd party apps that will produce my lost conversation in a "list" form on a Mac/PC. But from what I read, only Apple can actually restore the conversation onto my iPhone. ( from iCloud ) My question is : if my daughter backs up her phone to iCloud, and then I restore from her backup, will it OVERLAY all my existing txt conversations with other people ? Or is the iCloud restore smart enough to see that those conversations are from a different phone # (mine) and leave them alone ? Then I could delete all of my daughter's conversations except our mutual one, and I would be back to where I was on Thursday ? ( before my dreadful, stupid keystroke )

( of course, as a precaution, I will back up my current phone to iCloud before I attempt the restore from my daughter's backup. )

  Macworld 09:49 21 Sep 2015

If you were to recover your phone from your daughter's back up it would completely rewrite everything on your phone with the content that is related to her phone and her Apple ID - so that's all her apps, her messages, her emails, and so on.

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