Are eMachines any good?

  [DELETED] 20:43 07 Oct 2003

Just had a quote from an IT firm for a couple of new machines for the office.
They have quoted for Maxdata machines which seem fine but have seen an eMachine in PCW with similar spec and only £499 incl VAT.

Just wondered what the general feeling was with them.


  [DELETED] 22:59 07 Oct 2003

Seen them in the store and they look good value for money, but not had any personal experience with them. I think GANDALF <|:-)> has bought one or two of these and he will be able to offer sound advice on seeing your thread. j.

  [DELETED] 23:24 07 Oct 2003

'GANDALF <|:-)> has bought one or two of these''s now 12 ;-)))

They are superb machines. 10 of the 12 that I have bought are used in offices and 2 were for home use; they have proved ultra-reliable. Good value for money and available off the shelf. You may like to consider the TFT screen option for £599 IIRC, the screen is excellent. The speakers, whilst chic, look flimsy but the sound is respectable.

Gripe....rodent is OK but I would consider an optical one (£14 ish). Don't buy the extended warranty. The surge protectors are good value for such a well made item.


  [DELETED] 08:27 08 Oct 2003

I think I will put this to the directors. The tft option is a definate as we do lack space.

Thanks guys, most helpful as usual.


  Stuartli 09:25 08 Oct 2003

The company has a good reputation for reliability.

  [DELETED] 14:27 08 Oct 2003

my emachine is terrible. bad support for graphics and sounds cards. but i do try and push it to far i suppose. they are cheap though, maybe there is areason for it?

  johnnyrocker 17:11 08 Oct 2003

not any actual experience of them but as a pointer i notice a number of internet cafes seem to use them where i am which i think should speak for itself.



  [DELETED] 13:03 09 Oct 2003

I bought one for my son a couple of years ago from Dixons, it's poorly made & unreliable (the hard drive had to be replaced within 2 months!)

My advice, steer well clear.

  [DELETED] 18:13 09 Oct 2003

Thanks to all of you for your posts.

Seems there are some good and bad ones!

Anyway I am getting quotes made up for eMachines and Compaq, personally I would prefer the later but we will see.

Thanks again

  [DELETED] 00:18 10 Oct 2003

I think that you will find that Emachines and Compaq are rather similar, :-))))


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