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Apps won't work after iMac rebuild - Clone HDD

  alfiegidley 14:53 13 Sep 2019

Hi there!

I recently backed up all my data with Time Machine and formatted my mid-2010 iMac. When I came to rebuild it, I didn't fully restore from the Time Machine backup - I wanted a clean slate and new filing system so I transferred my files over manually. I had a number of expensive applications which I bought as hard copy versions which now refuse to reinstall (or even open!) and I have long since lost the boxes and serial numbers etc even if I could get to the dialog box where they need to be entered! The software developers offer no support (looking at you, Avid). However, I do have a clone HDD of my mac from a few years ago on which said apps do work. I wondered if this could be used to make them work on my current setup? Can anyone please help? Many thanks in advance!

  HondaMan 16:09 13 Sep 2019

I'm thinking an OS problem. Have you by any chance upgraded to the latest version, 10.14.6? There was an article in the Macworld forum about this as the file system was changed so that the old system would no longer work. Have a look HERE

Sorry I can't help more at the moment as I'm about to go to a party

  bremner 16:44 13 Sep 2019

Use Migration Assistant to migrate the applications you want.

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