Apple/UPS what a joke

  Alf58 21:50 02 Feb 2007

My daughters Ipod Nano's screen gave up the ghost after just over 6 months of ownership. Apple agree to replace it. Then the fun starts. A company called UPS have to deliver an empty box for us to put in the broken Ipod and send it back to them who upon receipt will send us a replacement: all very reasonable NOT.

UPS will call with the box within three working days not able to say when! Obviously there is no one in but they cant leave it in the porch or anything because it has to be signed for: it is an empty box!!!!! THey attempted delivery twice but unsurprisingly we were at work. If they could have specified a day maybe we could have arranged something but no they cant.

After a phone call they agreed to deliver today so my wife took the day off work and sat in all day. She rang them and they said they were definitely going to deliver. Guess what? No attempt at delivery was made. A whole day wasted.

I just cant see how we are ever going to take delivery. My conclusions? IPod Nano badly made rubbish. UPS delivery service a joke. Unless of course you have nothing better to do than sit around all day waiting their convenience.

  oresome 22:00 02 Feb 2007

Return the item to the retailer. It's their responsibility to get it repaired.

  Alf58 22:23 02 Feb 2007


The Ipod was purchased from Comet and initially I took it back to them. They gave me Apple's phone number and said it was best I contacted them directly which has led to the current situation. What is the legal position?

  oresome 22:36 02 Feb 2007

Whilst in some circumstances it's quicker and more convenient to use the manufacturer's repair route, it clearly isn't in your case and Comet as the retailer have responsibility for the warranty.

They might kick against it, but insist that they sort it.

  Forum Editor 08:29 03 Feb 2007

to say that the Ipod Nano is "badly made rubbish", simply because your daughter's Nano failed after six months. These things happen, and when they do your recourse is to the retailer who supplied the item. Within six months of purchase any fault that develops is considered in law to have been present at the date of purchase, unless the retailer can demonstrate otherwise, and you're entitled to a repair or a replacement - arranged by the retailer.

In your case the failure seems to have occurred just after that period, and your retailer has suggested that you approach Apple because a) you can make a claim under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty, and b) It's usually quicker that way - the retailer has no facilities for making these repairs.

The advice that you insist on the retailer sorting this out is understandable, but isn't actually the best solution here - Apple has already accepted liability and agreed to a replacement. By accepting this you have committed to that route and have effectively absolved the retailer of its liability. You're making a manufacturer's warranty claim, and you will do well to stick with it.

UPS is one of the world's best-know courier services, and although you seem to have had a bad experience it's rare, they are usually very efficient. Obviously no courier is going to give you a time for a delivery or collection - it just can't be done - and in the circumstances you have little option but to rearrange, unless it's possible for you to call at the UPS depot and collect this box?

An alternatve might be to ask Apple if you can send the Nano to them via special delivery post. If they accept that option you'll need to understand that the item will travel at your risk - although it will be insured under the Post office special delivery indemnity system.

  Alf58 19:30 03 Feb 2007

The Ipod Nano screen is well known for failing. I never would have bought one for myself it is simply my daughter wanting to have a fashion icon.

UPS are completely to blame for encouraging us to make arrangements to be present to receive the box on Friday but then not turning up despite my wife ringing at mid day to check they were going to deliver and being told they would.

I dont see how we can resolve this situation since we are a working family and from Monday to Friday and UPs dont work weekends. When I made the arrangement with Apple no mention was made of the reqirement to sign for the package. I remember the woman from Apple assuring mne the box would fit through the letter box when I said no one would be in during the week. We are all totally fed up with the situation.

  Alf58 19:55 03 Feb 2007

And by the way, No one expected UPS to give a time of delivery: stating a day of delivery would have been sufficient. It seems to me UPS are configured to deliver to business premises and are totally unsuitable for private homes unless the occupants of the latter are unemployed, retired or on sick leave.

  Dizzy Bob 21:13 03 Feb 2007

Can they not deliver / collect to your or your wife's place of work?


  [email protected] 21:43 03 Feb 2007

novatech use ups, and they deliver before 12 if you pay extra and you can track the progress on there website, so im assuming apple are not paying for this service, surely they could narrow it down to a day!

  spuds 21:56 03 Feb 2007

May I make a suggestion that UPS may need to inspect and pack the item,in your presence, for delivery to the repair facility. Kodak have repair facilities in Europe, and their courier company DHL collect and pack the item requiring repair, plus complete all the 'export' paperwork in the presence of the customer. In DHL case, it safeguards them, knowing that the item packed is the correct item as specified that is requiring repair and delivery.

  Alf58 00:11 04 Feb 2007

Your idea sounds interesting Mr spuds. All I can say is that we have been given no information reagarding inspection and packing. I was told by the Apple lady over the phone that UPS will deliver an empty box in which the malfuctioning ipod should be placed and sent back to Apple, via UPS.

Oh yes and I do have a tracking code which enables me to view on line records of UPS's attempts at delivery. I know when the box leaves their depot and cannot be delivered because customer not in. On Friday it just said the box left the depot early in the morning but there was no mention of any attempt to deliver it. It was returned to the depot at 4.10.That was the day my wife sat in all day waiting for these people.

Dizzy, Ups can only change the delivery address if authorized by Apple. I guess I shall have to contact Apple and try to get them to contact UPS and authorise delivery to a different address thugh not a lot has happened thus far to give me confidence in either organisation.

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