denis93 15:45 30 Jul 2007

i was told by speakers corner to post problem here.
i cant get into game site,something wrong with either applets or java programs,error messsage says In order to play, the Java applet must open a network connection to our servers. The applet was unable to open this connection. This could occur if you are trying to connect through your company's firewall. Other things that might cause this error are that our servers may be temporarily down or that one of our other systems is currently unavailable. This problem might also be caused by Internet connectivity problems.
please help me

  birdface 16:54 30 Jul 2007

Try,Control Panel.Network Connections.Right click Local Area connection and press repair.See if that finds anything,I used to have problems connecting to Ladbrook's,Normally it was their server that was down,Or try Control Panel.Administrative tools,Services ,scroll down to DNS Client and make sure that it is set to automatic.

  birdface 16:56 30 Jul 2007

Make sure that you have the latest Java up-date it should be 6.2 .

  denis93 17:09 30 Jul 2007

done both what you said,but no joy,still cant get into properly

  birdface 23:34 30 Jul 2007

Sorry Denis,I am not into Java so I am not sure how it works,This may help you understand applets. click here you have the latest version of Java Downloaded.

  birdface 23:45 30 Jul 2007

Can anybody jump in here and give Dennis a hand,As I am not sure what he needs to let him get on to could it be your Firewall that is stopping you from entering.What Firewall are you using.

  denis93 00:50 31 Jul 2007

all sorted thank you very very much my friend

  birdface 00:52 31 Jul 2007

Ok Denis,Glad it's working Okay Now.Hope you win a fortune now.

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