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AppleID Verification/Sign-in to iCloud popping up

  Huzaifa Fayyaz 23:26 08 Sep 2019

Hi Everyone!

This post might sound too disturbing to be true, thus, I decided to bring it up here and let you witness something that was never expected from an iPhone.

Almost a month ago, I experienced a weird situation with my iPhone wherein all my photos, contacts, emails, notes - almost everything - disappeared and either of the two windows mentioned in the subject kept popping every few seconds. Imagine the level of frustration when you can't type a single word without any obstacle. Turns out I was neither signed-in (although my name was being displayed in the settings page) nor I was able to sign out. Not only iCloud account, my google and outlook accounts vanished too. After going through a lot of blogs and trying many suggestions out there, I gave up and took up the case with Apple Support and that is when the real disappointment began.

Over a period of more than 3 weeks, almost 5 support personnel took the responsibility of the case (a single case ID was followed), while each one of them either failed to fix it or became unresponsive. On every call that took place, the average duration being not less than one hour, I was asked to do a hundred of things from screen sharing to updating the software to reset the settings to sharing personal mobile logs to laptop screen sharing to uploading videos and images of the issue.

I was astonished on the fact that the "Apple Engineers" took as much as 3 weeks to fix a simple issue and kept missing their deadlines, at the end of every deadline, they had to present new requirements and wanted to buy more time. Even on the last call I made, the call center personnel was asking me for another 4 days with more logs required that were missed in the previous session, I couldn't resist laughing at that moment. If this is unbelievable to you as well, feel free to ask me for proofs.

We all love Apple because of the iOs experience, however, what worth would remain when you have such a horrible experience.

So guys, Apple product and support both were a disaster to me and I have completely given up on them forever. Only if one of you could help me backup my data, I'd be much grateful to you. iTunes backup has been created but it doesn't ensure that the data on other apps, WhatsAapp for instance, can be restore. A fresh backup of any app requires iCloud sign-in on the device.

Thanks for bearing with me! Goodbye Apple!

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