Johnnie_M 19:30 13 Nov 2004

Right, heres my problem I am a PC user (avidly) love the PC and have used, built for years. However my eye glanced over the Apple G4 iBook and I'm now swaying towards this small, lovely looking piece of kit. I mean the P.C I have just built spec wise is

AMD64 3200+
ATI Radeon 9600 (256Mb)

but still Im thinking nice kit, and for what I use it would be perfect.....have any of you switched to an apple????

  Kate B 17:08 14 Nov 2004

belatedly, not having logged in for a couple of weeks, I'm using an Apple iBook as my number 2 machine, and I'd say go for it - with one caveat: upgrade the RAM in the iBook as a priority. Apple is really miserly about RAM.

But apart from that, it's great: I run my PC and the Mac on my wireless network painlessly, sharing files and the bb connection. I also discovered quite by accident recently that if you have your music collection running under iTunes on the main PC and you've got iTunes open on both the PC and the Mac, the Mac will automatically see your music and offer to play it! Very cool!

  Johnnie_M 17:19 14 Nov 2004

Thankyou Kate, I think I'm just gonna go for it. I take your point about the ram 256mb is not enough it's about £60 for a ram upgrade so I'll do that.

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