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Apple - two app recommendations please.

  MrNewName 16:07 16 Jun 2011

I've been given an iPhone 4 and am pretty impressed with it!

Now I just need two more apps to complete my transition from my E71.

First of all, I need one that will display my upcoming appointments on the homescreen.

The second is an email client that will tell me when I have new mail in my gmail account.

I've looked in the app store but there are thousands so I'd prefer a personal recommendation.



  bremner 19:22 16 Jun 2011

You can add a gmail account to the built in Mail program.

The iCal can also be set to put alerts onto the desktop.

  MrNewName 19:36 16 Jun 2011

Thanks bremmer.

I have gmail added but I don't get notifications of new mail - is there something I should tick? A guide to setting it up correctly would be helpful.

I'll take a look at iCal and see what I find.


  jaritch 21:23 16 Jun 2011

Hi Iphone is now able to receive gmail instantly with notifications beside the e-mail icon. When ios 5 comes out in the autumn notifications will be more advanced and will cover things like calender etc. even on the lock screen. To set up your gmail properly follow this

  MrNewName 23:35 16 Jun 2011

Thanks jaritch; I'll take a look in the morning.


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