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Apple series 3 watch from pawn shop!

  jailnwalt 00:31 09 Jan 2019

Hello everyone, I recently purchased a series 3 Apple watch from a pawn shop. I checked it out or I thought I did anyway. The clerk at the pawn shop turned the watch on and it was like ready to be mated to a phone so I took off with it. Got home an for 5 hrs now, I haven't been able to do anything with this watch. It constantly asked me for an email address and password. Even though I can pair it to my phone I get nothing. Helpppppppp

  BRYNIT 07:39 09 Jan 2019

Followed the instructions on CLICK HERE and read section 5 it could be that the iPhone is locked to the previous owners i cloud account and cannot be used by anyone else.

  BRYNIT 07:40 09 Jan 2019

Should have said iWatch is locked to an iCloud account

  HondaMan 10:05 10 Jan 2019

I am afraid that this seems to be a case of caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware) I would take it back as being unfit for purpose

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