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  kingussie 16:09 06 May 2005

In the mood for new Notebook. Quite like the Apple style. Any thoughts on the pros and cons on Applemac and the others. The system is different, but is it a pain to use. I hear a lot of people swear by them(and some at them Ive no doubt!!)

  recap 16:32 06 May 2005
  Diemmess 16:35 06 May 2005

In spite of Apple making attempts at X-platform thingys, the PC and Apple really are not compatible. Most of your heavyweight programs are O/S specific and will not install in the Mac.

Designers, printers and the arty world use them; and like those trained to use a PC have made a heavy investment in training.

Individually the systems suit those who use them, but most are reluctant to make a change except for commercial necessity

  oseven 16:39 06 May 2005

I thought abusive language (APPLE) was not condoned on a PC site.

  kingussie 19:02 06 May 2005

Come on lets hear from the apple lovers !!!

  Diemmess 10:00 07 May 2005

It is not that Apple is weird. It is simply a different way of life with many advantages over the PC, so users will tell you.

It is the difficulty of X-platform use, that made me warn you about changing your lifestyle.

If you want an alternative to explore, and make another feature to your hobby, go ahead. Just be warned that most things (hard and software) cost more with Apple and at times you have to decide whether it was a mistake to build a project on this machine or for that matter, the other!

  Kate B 13:19 07 May 2005

I've got an iBook as my second computer and it's great. Contrary to Diemmess's view, it's actually not that different to Windows - although the underlying system is very different, the interface is easy to get to grips with.

It's easy to network with your Windows box, too - all Macs these days come with an Airport (wifi) card and it will simply join the network you ask it to. You then just need to set up Windows filesharing (post back here for how to do that) and likewise on the Windows box, set the folders you want to share on the network.

The only thing I would say is make sure you add more Ram to your notebook when you order it. Apple is a bit mean and only ships notebooks with 256MB which is pathetic - up it to 768 or more and it will purr along beautifully.

The other thing going for them is the battery life - I get the thick end of five hours out of mine.

They are a little more expensive than a similarly specced Windows notebook but I'd choose an Apple notebook every time.

  kingussie 00:22 25 May 2005

thanks one and all especially Kate B

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