Apple is not support product over 5 year old???

  MettaJo 20:39 18 Dec 2016

I was shocked and disappointed to be told this afternoon in Brent Cross by Apple Genius Bar staff, that they cannot help and support with my Mac Pro, which I bought in October 2010 (six years ago), when I enquiry why my Mac Pro is not backing up to portable drive.

I would like to know why Apple cannot support/help such expensive Mac Pro laptop after 5 years? Or am I being negle because of my poor English barrier or they just simply send me away due to it was half hour to their closing time?

I found it really frustrated, disappointed and exhausted to have carry my Mac Pro, potable drive and all accessarys all way to Brent Cross Apple shop hoping for their IT suppport/help, but only to be told they can't help/support me becaue of my Mac Pro is old and tell me to look for elsewhere for support or repair.

I would appreciate any advice or help please.

  mgmcc 21:15 18 Dec 2016

This page on Apple's website details their policy on obsolete products and lists the models concerned. You may still be able to get help from an independent repairer with Apple knowledge and experience.

  Forum Editor 22:34 18 Dec 2016

It is always a good idea to talk to the Apple shop on the phone before visiting for support- that would have saved you a wasted trip.

By the sound of it, your problem is software-related.

  HondaMan 10:13 19 Dec 2016

5 years after the product is no longer manufactured—or longer where required by law

It does not say for 5 years from purchase, quite a different matter methinks!

  MettaJo 00:29 20 Dec 2016

Thank you all.

I did not know Apple do not support/help after 5 years, however I still think no support and help after 5 years for such expensive product is very plunder/robbery.

It was so difficult to find a slot in their Apple Genius Bar online and was also worry that I might don't understand instructions on the phone, hence physically carry my laptop to the Apple shop in Brent Cross.

Any suggestion where can find a qualified and experienced Apple engineer for check up please?

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