Apple Mini Ipod UI Design

  pauldonovan 10:44 05 Apr 2005


Just a thought that occurred to me this morning. Bound to get flamed/some exciting debate going.

People rave about Apple's user interface design, and design generally however it did occur to me that they missed a trick with mini ipod.

When I did UI Design at Uni as part of my course one of the big 'DON'T's was putting a save button next to the quit button in an application...with obvious consequences.

Apple have put the 'switch off' button as holding-down the play button. So what I find is I end up switching it off, then touching it by accident and it is straight back on again!

Not major but just wondered if people agree this isn't ideal design. I neat slider switch on top would've been ideal.



  pauldonovan 18:33 05 Apr 2005



  JonnyTub 18:38 05 Apr 2005

I find mine works flawlessy, to play/pause only a light short press is required and to turn off a long prolonged press. Design is fine imo.

  pauldonovan 18:48 05 Apr 2005 is the same button you press! So the play button can turn it back on immedately after it is turned off if you aren't careful.

  JonnyTub 22:16 05 Apr 2005

Isn't that what the lock button is for on top.

  pauldonovan 09:21 06 Apr 2005

that is just 'hold' i.e. switches off the bottom button.

I'm not talking about playing by accident in your pocket (say) i'm talking about while turning off (when lock has to be off) it accidentally sometimes turns back on if you aren't careful.

  JonnyTub 17:24 06 Apr 2005

ok, i don't want to go splitting hairs or anything but if you switch off and put the lock button on the ipod cannot be switched back on until the lock is removed. So I'll stand by my original statement, design is fine imo.

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