Apple and Microsoft merger, what if?

  rdave13 22:28 04 Jul 2014

Wonder if even the thought of these two giants merging, in the future, would do to the computing world?

Would it be good for consumers or not?

This video is worth looking at, foxbusiness .

  bumpkin 13:11 05 Jul 2014

Will need a new name and logo "Micrap" for example.

  Forum Editor 13:49 05 Jul 2014

"Apple's gross margin (ex shipping/handling) is at around 54% which is steep."

It was actually 39.3% in the first quarter of this year, which was considerably lower than Microsoft's.

Bear in mind the fact that relatively speaking it costs much more to manufacture and sell hardware than it does to develop and sell software - margins for hardware manufacturers will tend to be lower; Dell, for instance, showed a gross margin of 21.1% for the twelve months to the end of 2013. Apple's higher margin may be the result of the proportion of its revenues coming from software sales, and from its higher sales volumes, compared with Dell.

Apple hardware products are beautifully made, and are objects of desire. Companies in the lucky position of selling premium products into a high demand market can charge a premium price; it's good business practice, and one that shareholders expect. Rolls Royce doesn't need to price-cut on its cars, because the company can sell everything it makes.

  Quickbeam 08:05 06 Jul 2014

I can't see anyone being at all happy with a soft apple.

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