Apple mail graphics not showing

  Michael-2289632 22:36 28 May 2015

have an iMac OS10.8.5. For the last couple of months, many (not all) graphics in Apple Mail emails come out as small blue squares with a question mark inside, which is very annoying. In Mail prefs under Viewing I have checked Display remote images in HTML messages. I have checked with my ISP and they say no problem their end. What is especially strange is that my wife, who has a separate profile on the same computer and shares my email address, doesn't have this problem at all.

Can anyone please help.


  Macworld 11:44 29 May 2015

Is there a reason why you haven't updated from OS X 10.8? Usually the best fix is to run the latest update - the new Mail in Yosemite may well solve your problem.

Alternatively, you could try setting up your account in Mail again. Based on the fact that it is working for your wife it would seem that there is something in the settings that might be rectified if you went through the whole set up again.

But I'd definitely recommend updating, I think that will solve the issue.

But make sure you back up first!

Read our guide to updating to Yosemite over on : click here

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